Focused Session Faculty

Focused Sessions will be presented over three days of the Congress, on Monday/October 19, Tuesday/October 20, and Wednesday/October 21 from 7:00AM-8:30AM, 9:00AM-10:30AM, and 11:00AM-12:30PM Central Daylight Time (Chicago) respectively. (Click here for help with: Time Zone Conversion) Sessions do not overlap so attendees may attend all Focused Sessions if they choose. Sessions are included in each attendee’s registration cost. There is no maximum number of seats in each focused session, we expect attendance will vary. Your focused session should be taught at the level to which it has been assigned.

Record and Submit Your Presentation
  1. Create Your Presentation using the template provided.
  2. Remember to conclude your presentation with a photo or short 10 second video of your hobby or sport.
  3. Record your presentation using Zoom Meeting App, Loom, or within PowerPoint if you are using a recent version.
  4. Submit your prerecorded video presentation and the corresponding PPT file by September 15, 2020 using the Dropbox link in the notification you received via email.
  5. Use the following file naming system: PresenterLastName_SessionName_PresentationTitle
    • Example: DoeJane_GeneralSession4_ImplantingTechniques.mp4
Prepare for the Virtual Congress

Attend your assigned training session to become familiar with the virtual congress platform. (Email invitation forthcoming).

All presenting authors should be logged in and ready to respond to questions during the session. In order to do so faculty should have a solid internet connection (wired if possible), access to a webcam and microphone, dress professionally, and have a simple background.

On the day of your presentation faculty and moderators will meet in the virtual “green room” prior to each session.

During the Session

Follow the lead of your moderator.

Recorded content will be played in the order listed in the Final Program Guide but will be broken up with polls, panel discussion, Q&A time, etc. to keep the online audience engaged.

A final detailed outline for the plan of each session will be shared with Faculty of each session prior to the rehearsal session. Faculty will be connected via a WhatsApp Group to communicate directly before and during the session. All presenters in a session should plan to be live in the auditorium in the virtual congress platform throughout the entire session. The meeting will run on time, so don’t be late!

Fireside Chats Following the Session

Following the conclusion of each session faculty will move within the virtual conference platform from the “Auditorium” to the “Fireside Chat”. Fireside chats will be held for 30 minutes following each session to continue discussing the topic and answer any remaining questions. There will be text chat, not video, in the fireside chat.

This will be reviewed in further detail during session rehearsals.