On Tuesday, September 1, we held a Live Stream so you can get a glimpse of the Norwood Lecture at the ISHRS 2020 Virtual World Congress taking place from October 17-25.

Live Stream Replay

Drs. Marc Avram and Nicole Rogers interviewed Angela M. Christiano, PhD. She will be our Norwood Lecturer and will be speaking in General Session 2: Hair Follicle Regeneration I which will take place on Saturday/October 17 from 10:15AM-12:00PM Central Daylight (Chicago) Time.

The title of Dr. Christiano’s lecture will be: “Hair Follicle Bioengineering Producing Human Hair Follicles in Vitro Using 3D Print Technology”

So make sure to register for the World Congress to see her full lecture and many of the top hair transplant surgeons in the world. The number of experts that will join us this year is going to be unprecedented. Registration Details

Topic: A Glimpse into the Norwood Lecture by Angela M. Christiano

Norwood Lecturer Bio

Angela M. Christiano, PhD
ISHRS World Congress Norwood Lecture

Dr. Christiano is the Professor, Departments of Dermatology and Genetics & Development; Vice-Chair and Director of Research, Department of Dermatology Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.

The major focus of Dr. Christiano’s research is the study of inherited skin and hair disorders in humans and mice, through a classical genetic approach including identification and phenotyping of disease families, genetic linkage, gene discovery and mutation analysis, and functional studies relating these findings to basic questions in epidermal biology. Her interests include transcriptional regulation of hair cycling and differentiation, the biology of cadherin-mediated cell adhesion junctions known as desmosomes, and the morphogenesis epidermal appendages such as hair and teeth. A long-range goal of her work is to develop genetic and cell-based therapies for skin and hair diseases through understanding disease pathogenesis. She is using epithelial reprogramming as a therapeutic approach for inherited skin diseases.

See her full bio here.

Live Stream Interviewers Bios

Nicole E. Rogers, MD, FISHRS

Dr. Nicole Rogers is a fellowship-trained hair transplant surgeon and board-certified dermatologist. She and her team of highly trained technicians have successfully treated hundreds of patients with hair loss using the most cutting-edge techniques.

She graduated with honors from Harvard University and moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane Medical School. As a dermatology resident at Tulane she was chief resident and helped rebuild the training program after hurricane Katrina. She spent a year-long fellowship studying hair transplantation in Manhattan before returning to New Orleans to practice.

Marc R. Avram, MD, FISHRS

Dr. Avram is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical Center and has a private practice on the Upper East Side in New York City.  He has authored multiple textbooks on hair loss, hair transplantation, and cosmetic dermatology. He is an ISHRS approved fellowship director and has been an invited lecturer on hair transplantation and hair loss both nationally and internationally. 

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October 17-25, 2020
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