The Virtual Congress was wonderful because for the first time I did not have to pick between concurrent Workshop (Focused) sessions. I would tell any prospective attendee that because hair surgery practice is often solo, we rely on top quality conferences for ongoing education and conversations with our colleagues, which happily builds strong international friendships making this society, literally, the best in the world.

– Sara Wasserbauer, MD, FISHRS | USA

The ISHRS 28th World Congress has been unlike the other 11 World Congresses I have attended. In some ways it has been better with the convenience to watch and re-watch recorded lectures. Whilst the fireside chats did allow for a form of the ‘corridor conversations’ we are used to at face to face conferences, I really missed the meeting up of the friends I have made from around the world. And this is what I would say to anybody considering joining – you won’t find a more friendly and inclusive society with colleagues of all levels of seniority and experience wanting to teach and learn from each other. I would 100% recommend attending the 2021 meeting which will hopefully be live in Lisbon!

– Gregory Williams, MBBS, FISHRS | United Kingdom

Having the virtual congress as an option was a game changer for me. Not only the world’s pandemic situation changed our lives, but on a personal matter, I had the unfortunate issue of having to take my mom to Cleveland Clinic for a brain tumor treatment, and yet I could attend every meeting.  And if for some reason I wanted to review any other part, I would go back to the ON DEMAND videos. To my peers who haven’t attended ISHRS meetings: there is no way you can keep up with science advancements without being present in ISHRS meetings. Not only is it rich in science, it has amazing colleagues eager to teach and orient and it provides the most amazing opportunity to build strong long lasting relationships both professional and personal.

– Marie Schambach, MD, FISHRS | Guatemala

This is a fun and collegial bunch of people who are very welcoming and encouraging! There is a sense of joy for both learning and teaching from both new and senior members which makes it a very unique society.

– Jennifer Krejci, MD |USA

Thank you for the possibility to attend an ISHRS World congress virtually this year. It was my first ISHRS world congress, and it opened my eyes for how important it is to see how colleagues work, to exchange knowledge, to get to know more about hair biology, new devices, new punches, facts about medication, psychology of patient etc. We should always keep getting better in what we do and I think the ISHRS World congress is essential for this. Thank you to the organisers, the structure of the congress was amazing, and to be able to watch everything on demand is so good :). I hope that in future there will always be the opportunity to attend virtually.

– Suzan Akanay-Diesel, MD | Germany

My first congress was in Bangkok and currently, this is my second one. Why did I like the congress? It provides me the latest knowledge in Hair Restoration. I was looking forward for a trip in Panama but due to unforeseen COVID situation affecting worldwide, a virtue conference is better than no conference. For those who are starting out in HRS, this platform will be the best guide with the experienced mentors that are always ready to help you!

– Kerwin Oh Shen Way, MD | Malaysia

I loved the Virtual meeting as it was a first of its kind in our specialty. The standard was extremely high especially with the CSI presentations. I also liked the ability to interact with specialists in the informal setting of the fireside chats without feeling self conscious as I might do in person. The fact that I didn’t have to travel but still get the full educational package was a bonus but I wouldn’t trade it for an in person meeting where the collegiality is unrivalled. Anyone new to the field can gain insight from the virtual meeting but should attend the basics course to get the full benefit. Also lifelong friendships can be gained by attending a live meeting that will help you invaluably throughout your career. After 27 years I still learn from colleagues I met at my first meeting.

– Nilofer P. Farjo, MBChB, FISHRS | United Kingdom

Very good organization, and video on demand so it can be watch anytime. why not, there is nothing to lose.

– Tomasz Brzoskwinia, MD | Poland

This year’s version of the world congress has been incredible, because I have been able to participate in all the talks, and I have also been able to repeat the ones that have been most interesting for me and be able to get more out of them from the hands of the Referents in the world of Hair Restoration. If you are a doctor who is starting in the world of hair restoration, this is definitely one of the meetings you should attend because it gives you the opportunity to see this rewarding occupation in a global way, it inspires you, you learn, you update yourself from the best which is the most important to give the best to our patients.

– Alejandro Henao Giraldo, MD | Spain

I miss the closeness of my colleagues. Since I joined the ISHRS family I have attended all the congresses, I have loved the way of organizing this complex and excellent congress. My congratulations and I hope to see you in 1 year.

– Alejandro Cardenas Lopez, MD | Mexico

This is currently my first ISHRS congress virtual and everything, which I have witnessed thanks to the invitation of Dr. Alejandro Cárdenas, he invited me to be part of this excellent family that is the ISHRS, I have submitted my application that will be evaluated the following summer of 2021. Although I would have very much enjoyed holding this congress in person, I have enjoyed this platform much more since I have felt a greater closeness to the excellent panelists and all the doctors who are part of the ISHRS. Without a doubt, I recommend this congress for all its scientific value and for its excellent organization, I have a very good hand that it is one of the best international congresses not only for its excellent organization but also for its invaluable scientific value. Every doctor who is involved in hair restoration should be part of this great family. Thank you for this excellent congress and I hope to meet you all at the next ISHRS 2021.

– Alejandro Fuentes, Fuentes, MD | Mexico

This was an amazing congress filled with great information. The virtual platform was unique and while not in person reflected a great opportunity to get connected with colleagues and learn about hair restoration.

– Ricardo Mejia, MD | USA

I am so glad that this meeting went ahead, in contrary with other ISHRS meeting which sadly needed to be cancelled due to COVID. I would like to thank you all the people who were involved making this congress happen! It was great experience with a great design! I really felt like being in a 3D virtual platform. The lectures were great and full of information. And I would say it was actually even better this time online, as I could not attend the previous 2 congresses, due to travel (I am based in Europe).

– Tunde Tarjanyi, MD | Ireland

I really liked the organization, the quality of the conferences, they were very good. Also, the virtual stage and the games. I would tell someone who did not attend that it is worth going next time. Take a lot of advantage.

– Andrea Carvajal, MD | Venezuela

I liked the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the hands of the best professionals in the area. Who could not attend would say that he missed a life opportunity.

– Carlos Daniel Bruces Molina, MD | Venezuela

The ISHRS virtual congress experience has been amazing and exceeded my expectations! Definitely felt more people were able to be involved and heard. Once again proving the World Congress is a must attend event for everyone especially beginners.

– Bessam K. Farjo, MBChB, FISHSR | United Kingdom

Absolutely incredible that such a worthwhile educational event could be created so quickly. Hat’s off to all the organizers! Hopefully, many new surgeons were able to log on to see what the ISHRS is all about, and will join us in person at an upcoming meeting!

– Robert Haber, MD, FISHRS | USA

This was my 10th participation, but this one was the best. I visit about 12 conferences in different areas, but the know-how, the organisation and the things you learned and how they are presented is awesome. You get the best update in the field of hair restoration you can imagine. I’m looking forward to the next conference in Lisbon. 🙂

– Bruce Reith, MD, PhD |Germany

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