ISHRS 2020 Surgical Assistants Program

Dates: Sunday/October 18
Time: 9:00AM-11:00AM Central Daylight Time/Chicago
Surgical Assistants Chair: Marwan Noureldin, MSc | Egypt
Cost: $25 USD for ISHRS Members/$50 for ISHRS Pending Members/ $75 for Non ISHRS Members
Certificates: Please note – certificates of attendance will not be offered for this program.

Technical requirements to attend the Surgical Assistants Program:

  • The Surgical Assistants Program will take place via Zoom
  • Download this pre-course checklist for Zoom
  • Enable your microphone and camera to participate in live sessions.
  • Establish a strong internet connection, wired if possible for the strongest connection.
Course Description

Much has happened in the recent past, and I am wishing everyone to be sound and safe. 

Since this year’s program is virtual, we will have as many videos as possible. This virtual meeting will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn from experts around the world about different steps of a hair transplant procedure, while you are safe at your home or place of work. It is intended for all levels of surgical assistants, whether you are a novice or have 30 years of experience.

First, we will have a virtual tour in two major clinics in the hair transplant field and having an in-depth view of how things are run there on a day of surgery.

The increased interest in the use of implanters over the past years, and the development of different implanters, has caused the talk about them a necessity in any hair transplantation meeting. So, this year we will dedicate a major part of the meeting to talk about different implanters.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of our lives, so we will have a talk on this important topic, in addition to many other interesting talks touching on the different roles of surgical assistants in a hair transplant procedure.

With the increasing interest in long hair FUE, we will have an assistant, from a very famous clinic doing this procedure, who will be talking about it.

Finally, we will end the program with a video about the black-market clinics and how it affects our field. The importance to join the ISHRS’s campaign “Fight the FIGHT” and for all of us to know about this, will help us save our patients, community and our field.

Marwan Nourdeldin, MSc
Surgical Assistants Committee Chair

All times listed are Central Daylight Time/ Chicago. The link below can assist you in Time Zone Conversion.

Surgical Assistants Program Topics
  1. Introductions and Welcome
  2. Around the World – Videos
  3. FUE Extraction
  4. Graft Preparation
  5. Implantation
    1. Dilators
    2. Mohebi
    3. KEEP
    4. WAW
    5. Lion, choi … etc.
    6. Transition to implanters “Integrating implanters in our office”
  6. Preview Long Hair FUE
    1. Extraction and implantation
  7. Pre and Post-Operative Instructions
  8. Quality Control
  9. Staff Training and Management 
  10. COVID-19: How Do We Deal with the New Pandemic in our Office
  11. End of the Case – Critical Thinking
  12. Fight the FIGHT